The taste of oranges

The weight gain and bloating were off putting. I spoke to my GP and I am trying half the dose of Mirtazipine. I had read it has a higher sedative effect at lower doses. I don’t think this is working out well although I am less bloated and more comfortable. I am not having pains… Continue reading The taste of oranges

I lost time again. I am worried about what is happening. In the shower this morning I vomited. I remember thinking “don’t be sick in the shower, use the toilet”. I just stood there in the shower instead. Once out of the shower I felt suddenly very cold. Grabbed a blanket and lay on the… Continue reading

I am struggling. Everything is so much. I hear too much and I feel the feelings of others. Samantha calls them influencers. I am not sure what I call them or what I think. I know I am not comfortable with so many terms associated with DID. Samantha has been having training in dissociation. I… Continue reading